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it's up to you

it's up to you 由你决定;一切由你决定;取决于你 例句 1.It's up to you to decide whether to go or to stay. 是去是留该由你决定。 2.Your body language will be seductive and difficult to walk away from so it's up to you to be hones...

it's up to you 和 just me 无论在词义还是语义上都似乎无关联。前者意思是“由你决定”,后者意思是“只有我一人”。

当然不是啊! 1.be up to 表示“从事于,忙于”,后面接名词、代词或-ing形式等。如:All of us are up to good deeds.我们所有人都在做有益的事情。Go and see what these naughty boys are up to.去看看这些顽皮的孩子在做什么。 2.be up to sb...

歌曲名:It'S Up To You Now 歌手:Celtic Spirit 专辑:Lyra Ii Ray J - It's Up To You Hey hey hey aayyy hey hey hey aayyy Hey hey hey aayyy hey hey hey aayyy I got my money up up up up up Enough to fill your cup cup cup cup cup I pr...


it's up to you 为什么跟动词不定式 是 it's up to you to do sth 吧 it's up to you to do sth 意思是:是否(要)做某事由你决定。 it是形式主语,is up to you是系表结构作谓语, to do sth是真正的主语。 句子逻辑语序是:to do sth is up t...

应该是It's up to you 意思和It depends on you是一样的,都是‘这取决于你’的意思.


歌曲名:It'S Up To You 歌手:Love and Theft 专辑:World Wide Open Love And Theft - It's Up To You Right now you got it made Got everybody fooled Got everything you want It's all about you No one's figured out That all your lies ar...

前者虽然也可以表由你决定,但是有一种无可奈何的语气,是一种对现实情况的妥协;后者就没有这种感情色彩,所以It's up to you更好些

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