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歌词mAkE wAy For

Make Your Way For The King Save you the world's unfortunate We feign out existance Save me from what the enemy calls peaceful resistance Though the world is older she can't read the signs before her Slowly getting warmer burnin...


歌曲:l-o-v-e 歌手: nat king cole 专辑: at the movies [ti:l-o-v-e] [ar:nat king cole] [al:at the movies] [by:刀哥] artist: nat king cole album: miscellaneous title: l-o-v-e l is for the way you look at me o is for the only on...

Solid Base - You Never Know 试听:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTMxMjU0MjQ=/ 下载:http://cgi.music.soso.com/fcgi-bin/m.q?w=Solid+Base+-+You+Never+Know&p=1&source=1&t=1

Bubbly----Colbie Caillat

是这首 Charli XCX - Boom Clap 望采纳,谢谢。

Take me to you heart!!

Run SNOW PATROL I'll sing it one last time for you Then we really have to go You've been the only thing that's right In all I've done And I can barely look at you But every single time I do I know we'll make it anywhere Away fr...

Hung Up歌词: 歌手:Madonna 专辑:Confessions on A Dance Floor Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Time goes by so slowly Every little thing that you...

Nelly Furtado - No Regrets,一定是这首,我刚才也突然想不起来了~

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